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Come on, get happy ! Boost your spirits with the rejuvenating aroma of the herbs and essential oils of eternal refreshments.

Mentha, a beautiful nymph seduced by Pluto and turned into a sweetly smelling herb. Uplikting grapefruit- converts negative emotions and revives and energize tired minds. Lemongrass, sunny citrus scent reminiscent of the tropics. Camphor, distinct and penetrating for stimulation. la-medicca's careful blending of these and other aromatic plants and essential oils will enliven any environment. A sparkling benefaction for yourself- and to gladden others.

Pillow size: 8" x 8 ", with a removable yellow pure silk cover

Pkg. Size: 8" x 8 "


Happiness Aromatic Pillow
designed by: cross section   
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