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Saraca Asoca CAPSULEs home
Latin name: Saraca Asoca
Family: Leguminosae
Common name: Asoka, Hempushpa
English name: Asoka


Found throughout India.


Saraca Asoca Capsules

Macroscopic identification
A perennial herbaceous prickly creeper or climber up to 10 meter long. Stem is slender, flattened, and brown to purple in color.

Parts used

Pharmacological action
Emmanogogue, astringent and diuretic

Action and uses in Ayurveda
Yoni roga, aksi roga, slesmaj sotha, karna roga, manjistha meh, raktatisara, kustha, visarpa, prameha, sarpavisa, bhagna, arsa, vyanga.

Blood purifier, all skin diseases, ammenorhea, dysmenorrhea menopause, menorrhagia, painful menstruation blood circulation and purification, cancer, diarrhea, dysentery, edema, heart disease, hepatitis, herpes, jaundice, joint pain, kidney and gall stones, , paralysis, skin problems, rheumatoid arthritis, obstructions in urinary passages

Roots contain resinous and extractive matter, gum, sugar, coloring matter and salts of lime. Coloring matter consists of red crystalline principle purpurin; a yellow principle glucoside- manjistin, garancin, alizarin (orange red) and xanthine (yellow).

Properties and action
kasaya, tikta, madhura
Guna: guru
Virya: usna
Vipaka: katu
Karma: kaphapittashamaka, varnya, swarya, visa, sothaghna, kusthagahna, pramehaghna, vrsya, krimighna, stambhna, artavjannan, rasayan, sonitsthapna.

Decoction, oil, powder

Therapeutic classification index

  • Central nervous system: dried root is used in paralysis, hemiplegia and visceral numbness. If taken to an extent of 3 drachms it affects the nervous system causing temporary delirium.
  • Blood and haemopoeitic tissue: It acts as a vulnerary and hastens healing time of skin trauma and broken bones
  • Skin: paste of roots is useful in freckles and external inflammations, ulcers and skin diseases. Specifically used to clean, cool and clear the blood. Used for itching in eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and herpes-kushta/visarpa. It is a favorite herb to help relieve Pruritis. Also used in scabies and Tinea pedis. Externally it also benefits this conditions- use as a wash or in a cream. It rejuvenates the complexion and skin tone. May be applied in discoloration or loss of pigmentation
  • Genito-urinary system: root is used in obstruction of urinary passage and ammenorhea. It is drunk after delivery to procure copious lochial discharge. It is capable enough to dissolve oxalic tones present in kidney. Useful in signs of congested uterus and pain, painful periods, fixed pain, clots and ammenorhea, endometriosis
  • Musculoskeletal system: decoction is useful in rickets, delayed bone consolidation and calcium deficiency

Dose: powder-1-3 g, Fresh juice 50-100 ml
Capsule Manjistha contains pure and concentrated Manjistha.

Dosage: one capsule twice a day
Package size: 60 capsules.


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