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Glycyrrhiza Glabra CAPSULEs home

Latin name: Glycyrrhiza Glabra
Family: Lequminosae
Common name: Mulethi, Yasthimadhu
English name: Licorice


Balauchistan, Sub Himalayan tracts.


Glycyrrhiza Glabra Capsules

Macroscopic identification
A hardy leguminous under shrub attaining the height of about 3 meter with compressed pods. The plant bears small spikes of lilac-colored flowers that bear bean-like pods, which contain 3 or four seeds. The root descends about 1 m (3 ft) underground, sending out an extensive network of rhizomes, which are grown for three to five years before they are harvested. The roots and rhizomes are cleaned, pulped, then boiled and the licorice is then concentrated by evaporation

Parts used
Rhizome, Root

Pharmacological action
Antiarthritic and Anti-inflammatory; analgesic in Arthritis; anti-viral, anti-corticogenic; demulcent; expectorant antibacterial, spasmolytic; memory stimulant (being MAO inhibitor); tonic, cooling, demulscent, expectorant, diuretic, emmanogogue, laxative.

Actions and uses in ayurveda
Kasa, swarbheda, ksaya, vrana, vatarakta

A highly valued herb in India, used in formulation for weakness, anorexia, respiratory troubles; dizziness and palpitation & in bleeding hemorrhoids. Tonic, Aphrodisiac light laxative, demulcent, useful in inflammatory irritant, affection of genito urinary diseases, cough, sore throat, dysuria, analgesic in arthritis. Aphthous stomatitis, peptic ulcer, anti-stress, calms down day- long stress

Roots contain glycyrrhizin, asparagin, sugar, starch, acid resin, gum, mucilage, phosphoric, sulfuric & malic acids. Bark contains a small quantity of tannins

Properties and action
Rasa: madhur
Guna: guru, snigdh
Virya: sita
Vipaka: madhura
Karma: vatapittaja-jiit, balya, raktprasadana, varnya, vrsya, caksuya.
Preparations: powder, paste, and decoction

Therapeutic classification index

  • Digestive system: it is useful in demulscent in inflammtion affection or irritable conditions of bowels, flatulence, belching, acidity
  • Ear nose throat: it is useful in demulscent in inflammtion affection or irritable conditions of the bronchial tubes. It is used in coughs, hoarseness, sore throat and asthma
  • Genito- urinary system: : it is useful in demulscent in inflammtion affection or irritable conditions of genito urinary passage, dysuria, burning micturition.
  • Immunity system: it is used as a general tonic in debility. It is used as a rejuvenator

Dose: dried herb: 5-10 gms

Capsule Mulethi contains pure and concentrated Mulethi
Dosage: one capsule twice a day.
Package 60 capsules


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