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SPIRULINA (The Natural Energizer) home
Spirulina a filamentous blue green algae has generated interest worldwide as an amazing probiotic food, with multiple health benefits ranging from building immunity, protection from harmful effects of oxidative pollutants, combating stress, heart disease, obesity, delaying onset of ageing and plugging nutritional deficiencies.



The health organizations have confirmed that Spirulina represents an interesting food for multiple reasons, rich in Iron and protein among others….

Active principles: Iron 58mg, Protiens 6.6 gms. – Carotene 100,000mcg/100gms, Vitamin b213mcg/gm, Ca, K, Gamma Linolenic acid, Selenium and Mg

Clinical Uses

  • Spirulina is 60% all-vegetarian protein, with the highest food level of Beta-carotene, iron, vitamin B12 and the essential fatty acid GLA.
                                                                                             - Chiba Hygienic Coll. Bull. V. 5(2), 1987
  • Spirulina increases healthy lactobacillus, and helps absorb food nutrients more effectively. Its rich iron bio-availibility brings back quick recovery from anaemia.
                                                                                                                  - Nutrit. Res. USA V. 6, 1986
  • A one-year feeding program with 500 pre school children showing Vitamin A deficiency decreased from 80% to 10% after intake of 1 gm Spirulina a day for atleast 150 days. Spirulina is suggested as an alternative to pure Vitamin A therapy.
                                                                                                              - AICPS, MCRC, Chennai 1993
  • Forty nine under nourished and radiation poisoned children were fed with Spirulina. Within 45 days, doctors found T-cell suppressors and beneficial hormones increasing and in 83% of the children, radioactivity of urine decreased.
                                                                                                  Children of Chernobyl. Corres., 1991
  • Reasearch revealed a high level of sulfolipids in Spirulina, 1.12% found to be remarkably active against AIDS virus.


100 times more Vitamin A than carrots !
Spirulina is the world's richest natural source of Beta-Carotene (Pro Vitamin A), which helps to improve eye sight.

6 times more protein than eggs !
Spirulina has a very high natural protein content (upto 70%). This protein is a called complete since it has 18 of the 22 amino acids that the body needs and being organic in form, has very high digestibility ( upto 97% ). This ensures proper utilisation & assimilation of the food a person eats.

50 times more Iron than Spinach !
Anaemia or iron deficiency is one of the most common health problems of our country. Spirulina's rich content of natural Iron & folic acid helps not only to greatly improve haemoglobin levels in the blood, but being organic, is 60 times more absorbable than synthetic iron present in most of the haematinics.

7 times more Calcium than milk !
Spirulina is one of the World's richest known sources of natural Calcium which helps build strong bones.

10 times more Potassium than vegetables !
Its Potassium content (upto 10 times more than common vegetables) helps prevent hypertension.

 One stop shop for 'Anti Oxidants' !
Unstable molecules called "Free Radicals" are generated in every human body as a result of normal metabolic processes. These can lead to ailments like cancer, arthritis, cataracts, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and premature ageing. To combat these free radicals you need 'Anti-Oxidants' like Vitamins A,C & E, Zinc, Selenium, Super Oxide Dismutase. Spirulina is the world's richest and only natural source of all these 'Anti-Oxidants'.

Fat deposits in blood vessels called cholesterol are the reason behind a majority of heart problems. Spirulina has Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which dissolves these fat deposits, thus preventing heart problems.

Spirulina is the only known vegetarian source of Vitamin B12 which helps fight stress and calm your nerves.

Unique 'Biliproteins' & 'Carotenoids' in Spirulina strengthen the body's immune system against possible infections.


“The Algae ‘Spirulina’ is consumed as a food and it appears absolutely safe for long term use, even during pregnancy and lactation. No negative effects were found for acute or chronic toxicity.”

Description : Green to dark-green coloured powder
Identification : Positive for phycocyanin
Ash Content : NMT 9% w/w
Loss on Drying
: NMT 9% w/w
Protien Content : NLT 55% w/w
Total Plate count : NMT 10,000 cfu/gm
E.coli, Salmonella,
Staphyococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Shigella
: Absent
Yeast and Mould Count : NMT 100cfu/gm

Capsule Spirulina contains 500 mg of Spirulina Dry Extract

one capsule twice a day.
Packing: as per Request
Expiry: 5 Years


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